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Police man allegedly snatches away wallet of pedestrian!

আপডেটঃ ৪:২৩ অপরাহ্ণ | জুন ১৫, ২০১৯

Staff Correspondent, Sylhet: A police man allegedly snatched away wallet with money, after beating up a pedestrian in broad daylight at Zindabazar in Sylhet.

The victim S D Emon is a resident of Dariyapara of Zindabazar area.

The incident took place at Zindabazar point around 3:00pm on Saturday.

Being agitated, people of the area took the street and blocked it in protest of the incident.

Meanwhile, accused assistant town sub-inspector (ATSI) Masum has already been withdrawn.

S D Emon said, “I halted Zindabazar point by an auto-rickshaw. When I reached there ATSI Masum started scolding me and the auto-rickshaw driver. When I protested to him, he took me in Jagannath Jeur Akhra. There, he snatched away my wallet after beating me up.”

Hearing the news, locals took the street, blocked it and started demonstrating there that caused a long tailback on Zindabazar road.

Being informed, cops led by Ismail, assistant police commissioner of Kotwali police station, rushed to the spot and talked to the demonstrators.

He assured to take steps against the accused police man.

Meanwhile, victim Emon filed a complaint to the police station. After lodging the complain, the accused police man was withdrawn, according to Jedan Al-Musa, additional deputy-commissioner (media) of Sylhet Metropolitan Police (SMP).

He further said, “The police man was withdrawn on the basis of primary allegation. Steps will be taken after verifying footages of close circuit (CC) cameras of the spot.