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Mixed reaction over cigarette prices

আপডেটঃ ৪:৪৭ অপরাহ্ণ | জুন ১৫, ২০১৯

Desk News : Smokers and non-smokers have expressed their mixed reaction as the prices of cigarettes have increased in retail and wholesale markets before the passing of the proposed national budget for 2019-20 fiscal year.

Non-smokers dubbed the proposal to increase the price of cigarettes a good decision while smokers placed an opposite reaction saying it is not right.

Budget implementation will begin from the coming month of July as per the rule but the markets have already started experiencing hike in the prices of all kinds of cigarettes.

Some smokers and non-smokers were asked for their opinions on the price hike of cigarettes and most of them shared their mixed reaction on the issue.

A young boy Tamim Hossain who was sitting at a tea stall in the capital’s Dhanmondi 15, told risingbd that: “I am a student and have to run my life based on the money sent from my family. Earlier, the price of a Benson cigarette was Tk 10. Later, it increased to Tk 12. Now, it has increased to Tk 15. It will be tough to hold the habit if the price hike goes on.”

A good number of smokers supporting Tamim have placed the similar allegation and urged the government to reconsider the price hike of cigarettes before the budget is passed in Parliament.

On the other hand, non-smokers expressed their dissent on the hike of cigarette prices.

Ariful Islam, who do not like smoking, told risingbd that: “Smoking is one kind of bad habit. I think the decision taken by the government over the price hike of cigarettes is good as we all know that taking cigarettes is detrimental to health.”

Cigarette brands have increased the price of cigarettes before the budget is passed. Retail sellers of cigarettes alleged that they have been forced to hike the price as the brands increased the price.

According to the market scenario, per stick Benson is being sold at Tk 15 which was Tk 12 in last week. The cost per stick of Marlboro is now Tk 15 after increasing its price by Tk 3. Per stick Gold Leaf cigarette is now selling at Tk 10 after its price is increased by Tk 1.